When vacationing in Miami Beach alone or with your special someone, why not do it while driving a Luxury car of your dreams like a Classic BMW or a sporty Ferrari F450? Give us a call before you come to Aventura  or visit our office of Exotic Car Rental Aventura when you are here already and choose from our wide range of luxury car that will definitely give you an experience you will never forget.


But you really want to be impressed then you should rent one of our many Ferraris. You can also try visiting exotic car rental Sunny Isles Beach for more info. One of our best sport cars is the Ferrari F450. The F450 is 75% more expensive and harder to own than any other car is the Ferrari fleet.


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The F450, just like its predecessor, has the same body styling that improves its aerodynamic efficiency. Though the same roof line, doors, glasses and Alcoa Aluminium Chassis; the car looks very different from a 360.


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Rated by many enthusiasts as 5 out of 5, the F450 though expensive have been one of the most sought after sport cars in history. No mystery there of course, the F450 is super-fast. Super-fast that it could reach 62mph in 4 minutes which is 2 seconds faster than the older model, and could reach the speed of 200 kph in just 11 seconds. Can you handle that?


If you think that you can handle a car these fast then wait until you get to see what is under the hood. The F450 features a 4.3 displacement with V8 cylinders same as the Ferrari/Maserati engine design. For a better volumetric efficiency, the F450 copied the intake trumpets, valves and the 4-valve cylinder heads from Formula 1 but the pitons, crankshafts and the connecting rods are all brand new. Its engine is very powerful with 503 horse power at 8,500 RPM.


Also mounted on the wheel of the Ferrari F450 is a button to start the engine and the popular ” Manettino “which is a dial that allows you to configure up to five different driving modes:” Sport “,” wet “,” ice ” , “Race” and “CST / OFF”. It is also the first to start using the rear electronic differential known as “E-diff” which keeps the vehicle under control especially when flowing through the curves.


Inside, the F450 is exceptional, with a strong sporty, has all controls within easy reach of the driver. It is striking counter with yellow background and new leather seats, which are controlled electronically and heated. Behind the seats are fixed arches that increase safety in the event of an accident.



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Other important elements that complete the impressive equipment F430 the are bi-xenon headlights, automatic climate control, four airbags and alloy wheels of 19 inches.


Could you really ask for more? The Ferrari F450 is a very expensive vehicle but contrary to many beliefs, Aventura Luxury Car Rental is not as expensive as other cities. Driving a F450 for one or an entire weekend is possible, celebrities and other important people even rents one for a week. Ordinary citizen can rent an F450 for a day so why can’t you, right?  miami south beach exotic car rentals

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