The Maserati Gran Turismo S is characterized by a design that makes it instantly recognizable, by virtue of a wide range of details that showcase its aesthetic beauty.

The side skirts are designed in a special way for the wind tunnel to convey the flow of air to the rear wheels while the spoiler increases the overall aerodynamic load of the machine which improves the balance between the front and the rear. The grille and taillights are black and the details emphasize the sportiness of the car, which is characterized as aggressive and athletic.

The impression of sportiness is derived from a stylized trident. On the rear pillar and the oval logo on the grille is the tridentembellished with red threadssame color as the brake calipers.

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The Gran Turismo S is nothing more than the sports version of Maserati coupe. It has a unique interior, designed and built in such a way that the driver has the opportunity to fully enjoy the emotions and feelings arising from driving a car that is so gritty. The driver is able to engage and wrap the pilot giving the impression of being able to keep everything under control.

The seats feature a central area completely covered in Alcantara with a horizontal piping design. Behind the wheel are the paddles to the exchange, with elongated shape and equipped with the element chrome on the outer edge. In the middle on the tunnel, stands the small bridge where the control keys are for the first gear and the reverse gear.


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Naturally, the car can be customized from the side of the rear door panels to dashboard trim according to the tastes of the buyer. The most requested material used when customizing is alutex, a woven fiber glass and aluminum which goes through a special kind of waving process aimed to confer dimensionality.

The engine is an eight-cylinder V8 capable of emitting a power of 440 horsepower. The distribution is through a couple overhead camshafts that provide four valves per cylinder and can be controlled by hydraulic tappets.

The Maserati Gran Turismo S is favored by much man because of the masculine aura it gives off. call now and reserve the Maserati now and experience the feeling behind a masculine yet super fast car.

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