The Maserati GranCabrio is a convertible large is 4.81 meters derived from the GranTurismo design. The GranCabrio is available at the market since late 2009.

The GranCabrio is Maserati’s first model with four-seater convertible body, all independent and correct amplitude for average size adults.The GranCabrio is priced high like any other similarly powerful convertibles.  There are also a lot more of convertibles to choose from on exotic car rental Hialeah Gardens.

It seems that Maserati has favored the size of the rear luggage capacity since it only has 173 liters of volume. It also has very little usable space. The trunk is smaller than a Gran Turismo with 260 liters in part by the space needed to accommodate the canvas roof when folded. Moreover, the fuel tank capacity of 11 liters GranCabrio is lower than -75 GranTurismo against 86 liters. When collecting the hood, it is completely hidden under a cover. The front seats are very comfortable when traveling with up to about 120 km / h.

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The GranCabrio carries a centrally placed front-that is, for the most part goes between the front and the interior. The gearbox is a six-speed automatic and is located next to the rear axle. Of the Maserati Gran Cabrio engine used in its model range, the GranCabrio has the largest displacement and output: 4.7 liters and 439 hp. This engine also carry the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione and theAlfa Romeo 8C Spider, but with the same power that the CV -449 Gran Cabrio Sport. It is the same as the GranTurismo MC Stradale .

In addition to the 10 HP, the GranCabrio Sport is unlike GranCabrio by some details of the body, which is black instead of chrome like the grill. The pilots have a darker hue. The side skirts-under and sides of the doors are larger and are painted in body color. It also has a suspension and a gearbox with different settings. In the latter case, the transition from one gear to another occurs more rapidly, according to Maserati.


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The Maserati put too much effort to block as much sound and noise when driving. The GranCabrio is 100 Kg heavier than the GranTurismo S and that extra weight though unnoticeable when you are looking at it but it shows in the actual performance as the this Maserati is slower than the GranTurismo S.

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