Although at first glance the Spyder may look identical to the Coupé, close observation reveals many differences. First the brand increased wheelbase by 220 mm to accommodate the hood mechanisms, which adds some detail like the spelling V8 on the sides, a different design wheels and the profile of the hood, for which four colors are provided.

The front, dominated by a large mouth ventilation divided by the trident brand is characterized by the bonnet bulge, visible from the inside, and the discretion of smooth lines ending in two capsules of lights-cutting classic among senior sports.

The carrier does not deny his or her athletic. It has been decorated in two shades-in this version dominates-tan skin with gentle curves outlined in the eyes leading to the center of the dashboard which concentrates most of the controls including a screen instrument serving browser display or audioamong other systems.

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In the center console on the transmission tunnel rather than using a shift lever, a tiny actuator is used to help find the neutral and gear base. The rest of the gears are driven by the cams located behind the wheel.


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The mechanics has been resolved with a bill Ferrari plant. It is a V8, just over 4 litres; it delivers with air breathing 390 horsepower. Visit exotic car rental Miami Beach and see what it feels to have the urge to drive one!

At this point, it is inevitable compared to the Ferrari 400 Modena horses that was equipped with the same engine architecture but with 3.5 liter displacement and an engine speed above 8500 spins compared to just over 7,000 revolutions used in the Maserati.

Propulsion, as in all these sports, it is on the rear axle. The option chosen by Maserati mechanics is the “transaxle”, a solution which includes transmission and gearbox in the rear which has been used by the automotive industry in the past, as it did in the series opened Porsche by the model 924.

The mechanical advantages of this arrangement are concentrated in a better distribution of axle weights, in this case 53 percent front and 47 percent rear, which improves the dynamic responses of the rear.

Gearbox deserves special comment, since it is a derivative of the robotic system used in Formula 1. Fast on downshifts, the change does not show the same responses in acceleration. In the market there are already robot changes that exceed this change effectively which can be operated, like the rest, in full automatic mode.


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Since moving, the Maserati Spyder gives great satisfaction he loves and “can” enjoy a chassis very nervous and somewhat sensitive to torsion convertible version, and this despite the reinforcements.

A good ally in piloting the Spyder is the system MSP or the Maserati Stability Program, non-intrusive which helps control the frequent sweeps rear axle when driving engine power abruptly.

The car’s handling requires time to adapt, especially his sensitive and very direct steering which gives very fast reactions of the front axle. Place the nose is not difficult, but does it with finesse that needs a little training.

With such a dynamic and architecture convertible, the Maserati is a perfect object of desire though the price is very expensive. But don’t worry; driving a Maserati is possible through our website. Select a date a reserve a Maserati for your heart’s desire for a reasonable price. Renting an exotic car in Exotic Car Rental Medley  has never been this easy and fun!

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