The Aston Martin Rapide is a four-door sedan and a four-seater brand defined as the four-door sports car as world’s finest. And they lack modesty, but perhaps not right.

The Aston Martin Rapide was unveiled at Frankfurt Motor Show three years after showing a prototype with the same name. The idea is the same as that released with the Mercedes CLS and followed other models like the Porsche Panamera. However, the Aston Martin is apparently the most luxurious and expensive of them all.

The Aston Martin Rapide engine equips a 6.0 V12 470 hp at 6,000 rpm and 600 Nm of torque that could speed up from 0-100 in 5.3 seconds. Its transmission is a gearbox six-speed automatic Tiptronic which allows the driver to change gear automatically or manually do thanks to the magnesium paddles on the steering wheel.

The car setup includes a Sport mode activated by a button on the center console and amending changes in his gearbox when it is in automatic mode.

The Aston Martin wanted to ensure that each of the modelsdon’t fall short and for that they have made more than 8,000 km Nordschleife circuit at the Nürburgring long plot, and testing in different climate conditions in different parts of world and testing in Nardo racetrack in Italy.

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Aston Martin sought to maintain the spirit of the cars exterior styling and impeccable taste despite the handicap of adding two new doors and it seems that they have succeeded. The Aston Martin Rapide has some serious details that combine comfort and sportiness. We on exotic car rental Miami Gardens always take care of our cars to meet more than your satisfaction.


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All four doors will not open completely perpendicular to the car but does so with an angle of 12 degrees upward. That is, to rise slightly open to avoid obstacles such as curbs. Also its opening angle increases to 70 degrees to facilitate entry and exit.

Its trunk has a capacity of 301 liters which is certainly not great. Aston Martin seems to have wanted to focus on comfort for four passengers rather than cargo capacity, which makes sense on the other hand.

It is a car to take grandma and the kids but still an Aston Martin in every sense. Its 20-inch wheels with Bridgestone Potenza 245/40 R20 front and 295/35 R20 rear, its LED lights side or its frameless windows prove it.

Inside the Rapide, you will find a cocktail of luxury and sportiness that hide concessions for comfort. All four seats are of bucket seat, although the brand assures that maintain high levels of travel comfort.


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The air conditioning system is individually in the front and rear. A circular control with digital display allows you to select the temperature at the rear through multiple vents.

In the area of electronic equipment found several items for communication and entertainment on board. The rear seat passengers can watch a LCD screen linked to a six-DVD built into the trunk, you can listen through wireless headphones or through the audio system Bang & Olufsen.

This stereo, called Beosound Rapide, has 15 speakers with a total power of 1,000 watts. Includes a remote control to operate the various functions and has been created specifically to fit into the Rapide. Take a look at exotic car rental Miami and see if the car you would like to ride on is there.

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