Cadillac breaks into the growing market for luxury SUVs, dominated by the BMW X5 and Porsche Cayenne among others, and does so with the SRX, a model of maximum exclusivity, both for the prestige of the brand as well as its dimensions and aesthetics.

The SRX is available with two powerful gasoline engines: A 3.6-liter V6 and 260 hp and a 4.6-liter V8 and 320 hp.

But let’s get the best of Cadillac, its exclusivity. The renowned American brand owned by General Motors has experienced an increase in sales in the U.S. during the past year than natural rivals like Lexus, BMW and Mercedes. Furthermore, according to the latest statistics from reliable surveys, customer satisfaction from Cadillac has placed second in the ranking, second only to Lexus. Moreover, in the North America markets GM luxury brand has ambitious development plans and focus their efforts on both the attractiveness of its range as in implementing a selected network of sales and service points.

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The dimensions of the Cadillac SRX stand out particularly as is the longer and longer wheelbase than its rivals: Battle 2.96 meters and 4.95 meters long. The interior space is huge and can even lead a third row of seats to accommodate a total of seven people or configure a volume of 1968 liters load. Now the weight also takes its toll they are no less than 1,960 kilos the V6 and the V8 2,015 kilos.
Focusing on the car, the new SRX aesthetic is not lost. Its front identified with the new models of the brand, as the CTS sedan, and to a lesser extent with the XLR sports. In all the straight lines predominate. Inside exudes an air of luxury and quality on all four sides, as befits a Cadillac level mark.



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Mechanically the Cadillac SRX stands for a system of suspensions highly evolved electronic magnetic type, as combined with traction and stability systems of last generation. The engines are a display of smoothness and refinement , and can move two tons of weight very quickly, especially the V8, with which the SRX can reach 228 km / h, while the automatic gearbox is a function five-speed manual.

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