Large and luxurious, eye-catching and elegant that many businessmen and men with power loves to travel on it. If you need to travel in an elegant sedan that represents power and poise then the Mercedes Benz S class is for you. Private individuals prefer such a car that offers a lot on anonymity to anyone who wants to travel in peace and in comfort. We are giving the chance of luxury with exotic car rental Miami Lakes.

Seizing the sign of the Mercedes is part of a market segment hitherto almost unexplored, that of the hybrid luxury sedans , with the Class S 400 Hybrid , the first hybrid of Mercedes-Benz and the first production car in the world to be equipped with batteries lithium . A band is set to expand with the entry of other manufacturers, which will surely be drawn from the entrance of a brand of the appeal as that of the three-pointed star.

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The new S-Class W221 series introduced over four years ago has not changed much aesthetically. More styling and updating was done to make it more sporty and manly. The new grille is more tapered, some chrome trim strip on the bumpers are slightly more angular, redesigned door mirrors, exhausts integrated into the rear bumper and especially new headlights with LED technology and the most current and certainly more in line with the current needs is the new energy savings technique. All interventions are very discreet but they have reduced the Cd from 0.27 to 0.26 which means less consumption but also more comfort with less wind noise. We, on Exotic Car Rental Pinecrest, could provide you with the comfort and luxury you need.

Climbing aboard an S-Class is an experience that is worth doing if you ever have the opportunity. The impression is that of floating on leather seats. The boarding is also facilitated by the seat that automatically scrolls backwards together with the steering which is raised when the door is opened.

Even the look of the dashboard resembles to that of the previous series which is already very elegant and well finished. The general feeling is that it has broadened the use of quality materials and there is no corner in which there are no items in leather, aluminum, wood and cashmere. All you need to do is familiarize with the many commands scattered in a single file on the console and those of the Command Aps including the classic control board functions – navigation, stereo, USB and Bluetooth, phone, and much more to which Mercedes customers are accustomed to.


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Of course the excellent driving condition and feeling one can get is mainly because of the seats that wrap softly with your body that offers excellent lateral support including the legs and back.

Accomplice to the absence of the shift lever in the S 400 Hybrid is in fact the automatic-sequential 7G-Tronic – controlled satellite on the steering column that marches up so you can comfortably rest your arms on the armrest on the center console. Or you can rest your left arm on the armrest of the door, sumptuously upholstered in leather and has a soft pillow.

With a turn of the key the Mercedes Benz S Class starts quietly moving and maneuvering in the first meters will reveal a great agility for this long limousine of over 5 meters. The action of the steering is still soft and the visibility is excellent thanks to the large windows and reverse folding rear head restraints through a button.

When you are flying to Miami Beach for business or for whatever reason and you want to see the city in style, then the Mercedes Benz S Class is for you.

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