A lot of customers who chose the first-generation Mercedes-Benz CLS were captivated by its sleek and innovative look. Since its launch in 2003, it has sold over 200,000 units and today, almost ten years later, his lines are still a benchmark in terms of beauty and elegance.

Now it’s the turn of the second generation of the Mercedes-Benz CLS, which like its predecessor, sports a design that turns heads wherever he goes. Even with a new presence, it retained many of the features that made ​​the first CLS which is today. The front, for example, reminds the SLS AMG, with an imposing grille, the star presiding and long hood. In addition, all the dynamic functions are performed by light emitting diodes or LED. Behind, the generous shoulders and wheel arches give it a muscular touch. Naturally, the CLS offers much more than its aesthetic appeal. The most advanced technology for outstanding engine performance and efficiency, lightweight construction and all interior quality to which we are accustomed Stuttgart brand succulent complete the offer.

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The range of engines for the new CLS allows very important improvement in efficiency across the range, but not all thanks to the thrashers and thank for us on exotic car rental Surfside that we provide you the exotic cars you’ve dreamed of. The lightweight construction allows to significantly reducing vehicle weight by using aluminium for many elements such as doors, hood, front fenders and trunk lid. Furthermore, the CLS again reduced by 10% drag with respect to the first generation, which also contributes to the improvement in fuel consumption up to 25% less and thus, less CO2 emissions.

There are four new engines that are part of the offer: CLS 250 CDI, CLS 350 CDI, CLS 350 and CLS 500 Blue Efficiency all.

For the first time in the family CLS a four-cylinder turbo diesel becomes part of the range. The CLS 250 CDI Blue EFFICIENCY developing 204 hp, consumes only 5.1 liters to the hundred, a record in this segment, and emits only 135 g / km of CO2. The sprint from 0-100 km / h takes 7.5 seconds and top speed is 242 km / h. This engine is not available in January. Come in the month of March with a base price of 62,400 euros.

The level of interior finishes and materials quality is top notch. Five colours may be chosen from within, five types of mouldings – wood, carbon fibre and three types of leather. The seats are very comfortable and the driving position is notable for its ergonomics. Although it may be somewhat chaotic due to the large number of buttons, it takes getting used to.

The CLS 350 CDI noted for its torque from low rpm and for your quick response. Although not as powerful as its gasoline counterpart, is a lively engine and pushing hard. The consumption obtained by combining urban sections with stretches of mountain and highway was about 8.7 liters per hundred kilometers.


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The 306 hp petrol option, the CLS 350 Blue Efficiency, is a very strong engine and offers its power in a wide range of speeds even at low revolutions. The engine roar is nice though because of the soundproofing in the cabin, the noise is not excessive. Blame had a sportier drive and path entirely by mountain roads the average stood at about 15 liters per hundred kilometers.

The CLS perform with ease in urban traffic despite its size and roll road is a very comfortable at the same silent. In addition, the sense of security that transmits the vehicle is staggering. It has much aplomb and is very stable even at high speeds. The EPS electromechanical steering has a slick touch is transmitted directly and accurately applies to the wheels, which always thank the driver. The automatic transmission 7G-Tronic Plus works as it should, is soft, and the paddles behind the wheel are a plus in this type of transmission. You can also visit the outstanding exotic car rental Virginia Gardens today!

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