The Audi A5 coupe, the model that created quite a trend with its modern headlamps with LED daytime lighting, is now more than five years in the market and has faced its first restyling a year ago. The A5 Coupe is completely redesigned where the front light units are integrated with its usual course LEDs but longer and more different. At the rear, thedriver is surrounded by dark details that he will surely appreciate which was inspired by his older brother – the A6. The wheels have new designs, the levers are improved and other key controls from the ‘MMI’ that allows handle multimedia equipment or ‘Audi Drive Select’, which allows you to set the car between different driving modes.

In the range of engines bet on four petrol and three diesel engines, all turbocharged and four or six cylinders. This is the 1.8 TFSI 170 hp, 2.0 TFS I 211, 3.0 TFSI of 272 and this same block, 3.0 TFSI, boosted to 333 horsepower for the S5 version. The TDI is the 177 hp 2.0 and 3.0 for 204, 245 caballos.Todos less equipped as standard S5 system Stop & Start and a series of energy saving measures that reduces the consumption of the range by 11%, according Audi.

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The highlight is the use of the gasoline engine 1.8-liter that gains 10 horsepower and reduces your consumption from 7.2 l/100 km to 5.7 l/100km. The 2.0 TDI also wins seven horses and four tenths lowers consumption 4.7 l/100km and 2.7 TDI six-cylinder 190 hp gives way to version ‘of the 3.0 TDI with 204 hp, which is not only more powerful spends two liters less fuel per 100 kilometers, complying with 4.9. Moreover, as happened with the S4, S5 aspirated V8 engine replaces the six-cylinder 3.0 TFSI.

In addition to the changes noted, the rest of the range A5 and S5 are the Quattro permanent all-new transmission by differential crown, which replaces the Torsen and that just premiered radical model of this saga, the RS5. This new system is associated with a sport electronic differential, self-locking effect that acts according to the ESP to enhance cornering stability and mitigate achieve maximum power loss in the strongest supporters.


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In this respect, the new model will also benefit from a series of changes in the suspension scheme to achieve better dynamics: the arm supports the rear axle and the adjustment of the dampers is different.

In addition, the A5 upgrade your security equipment with the latest systems driving aids such as lane departure warning involuntary active speed controller, which acts on the brakes, and driver fatigue detector behavior that values recommends driving and stop at certain times.


The Audi A5 is available in 16 different exterior colors, four colors for the cabrio soft top and wheels up to 20 inches which is also a new design. We on exotic car rental Doral provides you the best exotic car you would like to rent or you can also check more of these exotic and luxury cars on exotic car rental Miami Gardens.


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