“Different fuel, same spirit” is the phrase used in advertising the new Cayenne Diesel Porsche.

The Porsche Cayenne is a 3-liter V6 engine with 245 hp diesel and equipped same as the Porsche Panamera. The mechanism may be most suitable for the Porsche SUV that offers performance up to what is expected of a German brand vehicle without tripping over consumption. For a big car that approximately weights 2,175 kg, the car consumes a reasonable 9 liters per 100 km.

You may wonder if the fuel consumption is a factor to consider before spending a whooping sixty thousand dollars in a car and maybe even more if you want to customize it. Of course, there are other things to consider like engine capabilities and overall performance.

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In terms of performance, the Cayenne is pure and simple. The engine is capable of making of accelerating the cayenne from standstill to 100 km / h in 7.8 seconds thanks to the optimal performance from a very low revs mechanics thanks to the 550Nm of torque offered.

This diesel engine is associated in Porsche Cayenne Tiptronic automatic gearbox 8 relations. Its efficiency reaches more than acceptable levels under all conditions of use but lacks “a little more” to achieve excellence offering PDK transmission. Literally, no change is able to match the speed of reaction of KDP technology. In addition, this Porsche Cayenne includes cams even that much criticized brand that allows gear up and down with both hands instead of coming up with the right and down to the left, which is standard and reduces the error minimum margin.

The hood of the Porsche Cayenne has a bulge that gives it a more aggressive and sporty look. You also can check more luxury cars on exotic car rentals in South Beach if you are near there.

If there is fault, we can talk about touch located in the center console which sometimes is not very intuitive or an overwhelming amount of buttons.


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The Cayenne has heated seats that will hug you virtually allowing for miles of driving without stopping where tiredness is unnoticeable. It also has an air conditioner that allows each of the occupants to select the temperature and intensity of the air you want and details designed by for the driver, like the dashboard clock that digitally adapts to the needs of every moment and even offers information browser that does not divert any attention from the road.

The space offered by the Porsche Cayenne is almost unnecessary to speak. Each of the occupants has more than enough space to wish. This amplitude is also transferred to a trunk whose grid access much easier for loading and unloading that consists of 670 liter capacity and may still increase to 1,780 if the rear seats are folded.

This is a premium vehicle, luxury and high end.

This vehicle has personal taste and the economic capacity for the buyer. Exotic Car Rental India Creek have the car  you are looking for.

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