The Porsche Panamera is a luxury four-door saloon of almost five meters long with four doors and seats. It is the first Porsche model with a sedan body. It hit the market in September 2009 and a hybrid and diesel versions were launched in 2011.

Despite its size, the Panamera is a luxury sedan like that of the BMW 7 Series. Access to the cabin is not as comfortable , the seats are placed close to the floor, less noise and does not have a suspension that perfectly isolate the occupants of the state of the asphalt. You could also visit the exotic car rental Pinecrest if you are wanting the list now.

It has a 4.8 liter V8 engine giving 430 hp, 30 hp more than the Panamera hits the 4S. This increased power is achieved through changes in admission, with new camshafts. The change is automatic, dual clutch ‘ PDK ‘ and a four-wheel drive.

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This version reaches 288 km / h and reaches 100 km / h from standing in 4.5 seconds. The average consumption is 10.7 l/100 km with low-resistance tires rolling.


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The standard suspension is pneumatic and lowers 10 mm ground clearance and the dampers are firmer. Between the hub and the rim of the rear wheels are spacers of 5 mm thickness. The wheels are standard 19″ wheels and the diameter measures 225/45 front and 285/40 rear.

A Panamera can be an alternative for a 911 who do not give enough space for the family and do not want to do without the sporty feel of a Porsche. The rear seat can carry a child and could fit a whole family baggage. The Panamera will offer maximum comfort specially when travelling at long distances at fast pace on the highway or even on a mountain road.

The Porsche Panamera range has five different versions: the Panamera and Panamera 4, both with six-cylinder engines and 300 horses. It follows the Panamera S and Panamera 4S, with eight-cylinder engine 400 horsepower and, finally, the Panamera Turbo, the mechanical riding eight-cylinder at 500 horsepower.


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The Panamera 4S is the most in demand with 9,394 vehicles delivered to date, but the most striking is that it follows the Panamera Turbo with 6,171 cars, and the Panamera S with 4,563 units.

The color that attracts the most attention is the metallic basalt black followed by the white one that fashionable at any season.

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